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Zejula Accessible within the UK as a upkeep drug for superior ovarian most cancers

The National Institute for Excellence in Health and Care (NICE) has recommended the use of Zejula (niraparib) as maintenance therapy for people with advanced ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer. The drug will be available through the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), a funding program designed to improve access to promising cancer drugs in England for patients with or without BRCA-mutated tumors who respond to their first round of platinum-based chemotherapy. NICE’s recommendation could also benefit patients in Wales and Northern Ireland, as decisions made in England are usually made in these two UK countries. However, in Scotland there is a separate and unique process for reviewing therapies. “This decision is great news that will be welcomed by people with this type of cancer,” said Kruti Shrotri, director of policy development at Cancer Research UK, in a press release. “For many, surveillance is the only option available after chemotherapy. It makes people feel like they are waiting for their cancer to return.” Zejula is an oral PARP inhibitor sold by Tesaro, a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline. It blocks enzymes that are needed for DNA repair, prevents tumor cells from repairing their DNA, and ultimately destroys it. Because of its mechanism of action, Zejula and other PARP inhibitors tend to be more effective in patients whose tumors contain mutations in DNA repair genes, including BRCA genes. Zejula was first approved in the US and EU as maintenance therapy for people with relapsed ovarian cancer who were at least partially responsive to platinum-based chemotherapy. Last year Zejula was approved in the US and the EU as first-line maintenance therapy for patients with Advanc

Ovarian Cancer Advanced Robotic Surgery

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