Hashish offers ladies “devastating” endometriosis consolation 1 NEWS


According to a new study from Otago University, women desperate to relieve chronic pain associated with endometriosis have found solace in cannabis.

Period cramps (file image). Source: istock.com

The substance was found to be more effective than other over-the-counter or prescribed drugs at managing her pain.

Almost 80 percent of the women surveyed in the study who had ever prescribed or used the substance illegally were still regular users.

Researchers say the study highlights a significant hole in the market for effective drugs and access to resources for the disease.

There is only one cannabis-based drug that has been given the green light for use in New Zealand, but it costs $ 1000 per month.

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The inflammatory disease affects around 130,000 women in New Zealand, and sufferers like Ali Richards are calling for help. Source: 1 NEWS

With 170 out of 213 women still using the drug legally or illegally, those involved say this illustrates the desperate efforts women with chronic pain will make.

“This may indicate that patients’ current treatments and medications may not meet their needs,” says Dr. Geoff Noller, co-author of the study.

He says the incredibly high price of the drug could also be why people are turning to illegal cannabis supplies instead.

Of the women in the survey, 81 percent of the group said their endometriosis symptoms were “much better” after taking cannabis medication.

About half also said they no longer need to take their regular medications, mostly acetaminophen and opioids.

Further government regulations are expected in early April that will facilitate access to a wider range of cannabis medicines.

Professor Neil Johnson, the other co-author on the study, says the results show that New Zealand is still[has] Going a long way to adequately care for those struggling with this disease. “

Clinical studies are needed to understand the most affective formula of cannabis products that will provide the most benefits, he says.

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