Crushed Edinburgh woman discovers ‘endometriosis’ symptom is inoperable tumour


An Edinburgh female in her 30 s that assumed her stomach aches may be endometriosis currently requires to elevate lots of extra pounds to spend for cancer cells therapy.

Lee-Ann was actually identified along with phase 2 cancer cells ovarian cancer cells in 2015 after dealing with stomach aches, however unfortunately she has actually just recently been actually informed that her cancer cells has actually proceeded to present 3 C.

She has actually currently been actually informed that the ailment is actually unusable as well as has actually infected her lymph nodules as well as tendons, however the therapy she has actually been actually supplied coming from the NHS is actually an assertive kind of radiation treatment that will definitely leave her sterile along with simply a 30 per-cent odds of survival after 5 years.

After discovering substitute therapy alternatives Lee-Anne was actually happy to become informed that she was actually an applicant for Proton Light beam treatment as well as radiation treatment which can possibly treat her cancer cells as well as quit it coming from going back.

However the therapy would certainly must be actually carried out independently as well as would certainly set you back around ₤60,000 Lee’s clinical insurance policy was actually ended when she left her work to concentrate on her wellness, and also consequently, she may certainly not profess substitute clinical insurance policy independently.

Talking on Lee-Ann’s account, friend …

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