Clinical Trial: Phase 3 AtTEnd Trial in Endometrial Cancer



Atezolizumab Test in Endometrial Cancer Cells– Go To (Go To)

Leader Detective:

Nicoletta Colombo, MD, of the European Principle of Oncology (IEO) -Milan


The major purpose of the research study is actually to examine atezolizumab provided its own encouraging cause sophisticated endometrial cancer cells and also the restricted effectiveness of existing procedure choices.

People registered in the speculative upper arm will definitely acquire atezolizumab in mix along with paclitaxel and also carboplatin. The command upper arm is actually procedure along with inactive medicine in mix along with paclitaxel and also carboplatin.

Main result steps feature progression-free survival and also total survival, along with subsequent endpoints featuring unprejudiced reaction cost, period of reaction, protection, lifestyle, and also conformity.

Attendees along with recently detected, histologically affirmed along with recurring illness after surgical operation either quantifiable or even evaluable, or even unusable phase III-IV endometrial carcinoma/carcinosarcoma, after analysis examination, and also gullible to first-line wide spread anticancer procedure are actually qualified for application. Persistent endometrial cancer cells individuals may additionally enlist, given they have actually certainly not however, been actually managed for …

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Endometrial Cancer Integrative Robotic Surgery

There is a new way to treat endometrial, and other uterine cancers, using robotic surgery, targeted molecular therapies where needed, and integrative holistic support.  It might help you to review your 21st century options:  Uterine Endometrial Cancer Treatment Options


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